Springsteen on Broadway on Netflix, some new music, and more news

Although there’s no word on a proper full-length album, Michigan rock band Greta Van Fleet has released a new single, “When the Curtain Falls.”


California band Joyce Manor announced their fifth album today. Million Dollars to Kill Me is scheduled for release on September 21. Here’s the lead single and title track:


For those Springsteen fans who don’t have money to blow, who don’t live in the NYC area, or who weren’t lucky enough to win any ticket lotteries and therefore still haven’t seen the Broadway show, don’t worry. It’s coming to Netflix later this year, after the sold-out run of 200+ shows comes to an end.

Dean Friedman’s “Ariel” is The Great Gatsby of music, via Real Clear Life.

The current plan for new music from the 1975 is kind of confusing; they’re releasing A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships in October and then another album in May of next year and will not be touring in between. I don’t understand it, but there’s a new song coming tomorrow.

And check out this music video for the lead single/opening track, “Once In Your Life,” on the latest Decemberists album, I’ll Be Your Girl:


Header image courtesy of discogs.

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