New songs from The Lumineers, Houndmouth, and Ben Stiller?

The Lumineers released a trio of previously recorded but unreleased songs today called C-Sides:


The third single from Houndmouth’s upcoming Golden Age came out today, along with this ‘official visualizer,’ which sounds like a pretentious way to say music video


Ariana Grande has released a new song and video, “God Is A Woman,” from her upcoming August 17 Sweetener:


Would you like to hear a song by Ben Stiller’s high school punk/funk band, Capital Punishment? I didn’t really want to either, but I did and felt just as ambivalent about it afterwards. Apparently the band’s only album, Roadkill, is getting a major label release on September 14.

The AV Club has some albums to look forward to for the rest of the year, including Asbury band Dentist.



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